Thursday 4th February

Session 1: Airway
Videolaryngoscopy Tim Cook
Airways in cardiac arrest Jonathan Benger
Airway choices in trauma Jules Blackham
Session 2: Breathing
High-flow nasal cannulae Ed Carlton
Pulmonary embolus Rachel Prout
Asthma in children Mark Lytle
Session 3: Free papers
Free papers  Trainees
Pecha Kucha  Trainees

Friday 5th February

Session 4: Circulation
Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 Jas Soar
ECMO state of the art Chris Langrish
Fluids in sepsis – do we believe FEAST? Peter Davis
Prehospital post-ROSC care Darren Goodwin
Session 5: Decisions
Decision Gestalt Simon Carley
End of life admission decisions Caleb McKinstry
Outreach teams Isolde Newberry
Behavioural science and decision making Chris Bordeaux
Session 6
Simulation state of the art
Debate: FOAMEd – Friend or foe? Friend: Becky Maxwell
Foe: Jules Brown